Christine McDonnell

Co-founder & CEO

Christine is the Co-Founder & CEO of Codelicious. As CEO, Christine is responsible for all aspects of the business including product development, marketing, operations and finance. Most recently Christine led her own consulting practice, McDonnell & Associates, LLC. Previously, she served as Vice President of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, leading the team that developed the strategic vision and operating model for what is now the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. She also held leadership positions at McKinsey & Company and DuPont. Christine has Electrical Engineering and Computer Science undergraduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.




Josh Miles is the Chief Marketing Officer for Codelicious, overseeing brand strategy and messaging for all marketing initiatives. 

Josh was also the co-founder of Indianapolis-based national branding agency, MilesHerndon.  Josh has a passion for helping startups and nonprofits in the education space to differentiate themselves, and deliver meaningful impact. 

As a past TEDx presenter and author, Josh speaks coast-to-coast on branding and marketing, including his role hosting the podcast Obsessed With Design.   Josh is actively involved with several tech startups, and serves on the advisory board of the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. 


Erik Young

Co-founder & COO

Erik Young is focused on strategy and operations.  He is currently founder of Forever Young Consulting, a firm advising venture-backed high growth clients on strategy and operations improvement.  Prior to this role, Erik was COO of Tilson HR, and founder of Countdown Ventures, Young at Heart Pharmacy, and Freedom Pharmacy.  His prior experience includes Activate Healthcare, Ariba/SAP, Accenture, and P&G.  Erik has an MBA from Dartmouth College and a BS in Finance from University of Virginia.


Emily Trimble

Business Development

Emily is no stranger to coding education, having spent the majority of her career as a technical recruiter and a coding bootcamp director where she mentored people who were making career changes and transitions within software development. Before joining Codelicious, Emily gained experience from a diverse range of organizations, including The Iron Yard, Vitamin T, and TechPoint. Emily is involved locally with Women & Hi Tech and sits on the board of Indy Hackers.


Hunter Stone


Hunter Stone, is a Junior at Indiana University in Bloomington. He has had an interest in technology and entrepreneurship since a young age and has lived this out in the founding of a mobile app development firm and continued work with software. He has been awarded the title of Indiana Connected Educator for his work and strategies with instructing students in computer science basics. Hunter has also been a presenter and guest of honor at several national education conferences due to his advocacy and work in the field of "genius-hour" style education.


Samantha Fassnacht


Samantha is graduate of Westfield High School. She enjoys coding because it is both fun and challenging. This past year, Samantha received the National Honorable Mention NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing for her experiences in computer science and robotics. In her free time, Samantha enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is attending University of Toronto, studying Computer Science. 


Kyle Buswell


Kyle attends Indiana University in Bloomington and is studying Game Design.  He has worked with kids of varying ages for the past 7 years. When not working or at school, he spends his free time reading, playing games, studying games, and making games.


Mia Stoffel


Mia is a student at Westfield High School and an instructor at Codelicious. She loves to teach coding because she believes it is not only an incredibly needed skill for future generations but also fun and fulfilling. Her achievements include winning an award from NCWIT and coming 3rd in IUPUI's Computer Science Day Hackathon. She intends to study computer science at Purdue University. 


Erin McDonnell


Erin McDonnell is a current Sophomore at Purdue University, majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. She would describe herself as an engineering service leader, meaning that she enjoys developing new or modifying current technology to be more inclusive and serve disadvantaged populations. At Codelicious, she pursues this passion by improving the readability and content of the curriculum and by teaching curriculum in the classroom, ensuring that the Codelicious product has a positive impact on the community. Erin is looking forward to translating her experience at Codelicious into her future endeavors in engineering.


Christian Espinoza


Christian is attending Purdue University and is majoring in Computer Engineering and working towards a certificate in entrepreneurship. After college, he hopes to one day own his own business. When not doing school work, Christian likes to play soccer and ultimate frisbee. Along with this, he likes to teach himself different computer related skills. He is in the process of teaching himself Web Development, Photoshop, and Java. Here at Codelicious, Christian helps develop and teach curriculum. Christian enjoys seeing the impact that his work has on the younger generations


AbbY Schmidt


Abby Schmidt is a senior at Butler University where she is majoring in Marketing. Her interest in Codelicious was inspired by the lack of opportunity to learn code in her academic career. She hopes that her insight will be valuable to Codelicious to help guide the importance of learning and understanding code to individuals that may not be aware of its significance in today’s environment. Abby enjoys volunteering, movies, and competitive activities. Abby is excited about the experience and knowledge she will gain from Codelicious and what it will provide for her in the future.


Sam Silver


Sam Silver is currently entering her senior year at Butler University where she is majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Mild Intervention and ENL. Her eye for education gives her an advantage when transforming the Codelicious curriculum into the best it can possibly be for educators. Hoping to enhance the curriculum, she plans on focusing on the readability of the material, the standards the curriculum is meeting, and making sure educators have the best possible experience overall. With this in mind, Sam is looking forward to using her experience with Codelicious as a step up in the education field and during her full year of student teaching at Little Red Schoolhouse in New York, New York and at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Kennedy Smith


Kennedy is a creative and innovative thinker, studying her final year of Communications as well as Art and Design at Purdue University. Driven to create work that invigorates individuals about people, products, and their environments, while working at the intersection of business and creativity, Kennedy is excited to work together in order to bring ideas to reality. At Codelicious, she hopes to transform the way people interact with the product through areas of appeal, readability, and overall design. Kennedy is excited to take her experience at Codelicious and apply it to her future ventures in a creative field.


Gwen Burke


Gwen is a fifth grade teacher in Carmel, having graduated from Butler University as an elementary education major with minors in mild intervention and computer science. She is passionate about integrating art, music, technology, and engineering into her teaching to help students build creativity. At Codelicious, she is using her background in both education and computer science to ensure that the lessons are clear to teachers who may have no computer science experience. Gwen is excited to be a part in helping computer science lessons reach young learners.


Ben Wagoner


Ben is a Freshman at Purdue and is majoring in Engineering. He attended Cathedral High School and was extremely passionate about programming and engineering. He took many different programming courses throughout his four years at Cathedral. As a Codelicious Intern, Ben helps out in many different ways. He works different camps, helps create, review, and edit curriculum. He enjoys sharing his passion for programming with others.


Ethan Brown


Ethan Brown is a Junior at Westfield High School, and takes the schools computer courses.  Ethan is very interested in computer science and education in computer science. Ethan has learned java in school, and is teaching himself basic python.  Ethan also enjoys puzzles and challenging the mind. Ethan is an intern at Codelicious, and helps build the curriculum and checks the already made curriculum for quality.  Ethan also instructs classes at Codelicious, and is very excited to see the impact coding and confidence has on students.


Myah Sandlin


Myah is a Junior at Westfield High School and loves to take computer classes. She has taken Java and AP Computer Science A, and plans to learn C++ too. Myah is an intern at Codelicious, assisting with teaching classes and editing curriculums. In her free time she loves to be apart of her school's marching band and rock climb. She loves to inspire kids to follow their interests and is grateful to be apart of a team that does just that!


Sydney Searcy


Sydney is a junior at Westfield High school and takes many of the computer classes there. She knows HTML, Java, and is learning python. She plans to continue taking computer courses and learning new information. Sydney also enjoys working at Codelicious, where she helps to build curriculum and teach classes. When not working with computers, Sydney likes to draw and is in Animal Club at her school. She looks forward to continuing to help kids learn about coding and computer science.