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Codelicious delivers full-semester computer science and coding curriculum for educators teaching grades 3-8.

Advantages of Codelicious Coding Curriculum

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full semester courses

Our full-semester curriculum teaches problem solving and analytics through project-based learning

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comprehensive curriculum 

Codelicious' coding, hardware, and unplugged projects are foundational, progressive, and engage students of all
learning styles

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Interactive learning

Our courses are designed to be taught by elementary and middle school educators in a collaborative, hands-on learning environment

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Universal teachability

The Codelicious curriculum can be taught by any educator regardless of prior computer science knowledge

Through Codelicious courses, your students will build their confidence and develop skills that are compliant with state and national education standards.

Course Catalog

Programming 101:

Introduction to Coding with Scratch

Programming 105:

Introduction to Coding with JavaScript

Programming 111:

Introduction to Coding with Java

Graphic Design 109:

Introduction to Photoshop

Graphic Design 107:

Introduction to Video Game Creation

Programming 205:

Advanced Coding with JavaScript

Excite your students with a sample project!