Nominate an educator
for a Women & Hi Tech Leading Light Award or Scholarship

At Codelicious, we value the importance of community. That's why our team volunteers our time to support local groups such as Women & Hi Tech. Every two years, Women & Hi Tech hosts the Leading Light Awards to recognize and celebrate women of achievement in STEM fields - women who are innovators in their industries, and have shown expertise, professionalism, leadership, service, courage, and tenacity throughout their careers.

Visit their event page to learn more about the Leading Light Awards and how you can get involved. We've highlighted a few awards below that are perfect for educators!

Outstanding Educator in STEM

We all know them -- educators whose impact cannot be contained in a classroom. Nominate an educator who demonstrates excellence in teaching engaging programs that promote student interest, success, and leadership in STEM. 

Professional Development Scholarship

Know someone looking to advance their STEM skills? Nominate them to receive one of two $2000 scholarships to cover the cost of professional development in STEM. 

You Inspire Us

Nominate someone who inspires others in STEM to look beyond their own horizons and set professional and personal goals they wouldn't have thought possible on their own.