The Monon Community Center, Your Place For STEM

Posted to the Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation Blog

You’ve probably heard the expression STEM, but what is it? Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. At face value it’s easy to say, yeah, those all sound important subjects for kids to learn, but take a look at these facts:


STEM jobs are growing at a rate of 17% while other jobs are only growing at a rate of 9% (US Department of Commerce).
Early exposure to STEM concepts helps develop logical thinking and perseverance in problem solving.
In the next 20 years, 80% of all jobs will require technical skill (U.S. Bureau of Statistics).
There are not currently enough qualified graduates to fill the available STEM positions on the market.
STEM will, arguably, shape the future of our cities, our country, and our earth, but according to the National Math and Science Initiative, 1/3 of students lose interest in STEM by the 4th grade. So how do you get your child involved and keep them excited about learning these skills? We’re here to help. Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation has sought out the top STEM contractors in our area to offer over 50 programs each season at the Monon Community Center. Each of our contractors highlights a unique aspect of STEM through their innovative programming for kids of all ages. Let’s meet them and see what they have to offer.

Codelicious specializes in coding computers and games for the youth and teen demographic. They are on a mission to help students discover how to think about and speak the language of technology. With hundreds of thousands of coding jobs going unfilled each year, Codelicious aims to dramatically increase the funnel of youth and teen coders for tomorrow’s tech workforce, by providing a fun coding curriculum.

The Maker Youth Foundation provides a variety of STEM-based maker education programs to inspire creativity, collaboration, solution-making, and empowerment to make change. They believe that children of any age are more engaged in STEM learning through hands-on, inquiry-based, and maker-centered experiences. Involving our youngest youth and creating a pathway of opportunity as they mature creates a lifelong interest in STEM.

Engineering for Kids challenges the youth in our community to think outside the box and provide opportunities for kids to learn through hands on building experiences! Engineering for Kids introduces robotics and beginning level programming in their video game design classes.

Science is all around us – plants, food, animals, oceans, and air. Technology is permeating all aspects of our lives – Alexa order me some Chinese food. Engineering ensures that we are safe – roads, bridges, transportation. Math is such a natural part of life that sometimes we don’t notice it – investments, tax forms, daily budgets. STEM is here to stay and will only continue to become more important in the future.

Through our awesome programs at the Monon Community Center your kids will have the opportunity to develop these skills in a fun, hands-on way. Together we will work to build a space that fosters and maintains a love for learning. Click here to check out our STEM programs.