Christine McDonnell Featured on Leading Indiana Ambition

Codelicious CEO Christine McDonnell on Pivoting, Fortuitous Timing and Computer Science EdTech

CEO Christine McDonnell’s goal for Codelicious is to become the “gold standard for computer science curriculum in the classroom.” In spite of the competition for attention — the education technology space is teeming with purported solutions — and schools’ notoriously long sales cycles, Codelicious is making surprising headway. Sixteen schools currently subscribe to the curriculum. To build her business case for computer science education, McDonnell has listened to parents, partnered with nonprofits and discussed the 21st century workforce with legislators. A decisive company pivot in 2017, among other factors, ratcheted up demand. Codelicious landed its first school district in spring 2017, and has been adding private, charter and public schools ever since.

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