Computer Science is for everyone. Codelicious’ computer science curriculum is customizable, laid out step-by-step, compliant with educational standards, and includes access to all relevant resources, empowering both technical and non-technical teachers to engage their students.


Our Courses

Computer Science is more than just coding. Building skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and perseverance while reinforcing social and emotional learning competencies is critical for college and career readiness. With Codelicious’ computer science curriculum, teachers are able to engage the whole student. From introductory to advanced, explore our available courses below.


Programming 101:

Introduction to Computational Thinking with scratch

Introduce students to Scratch, a block-coding language, to develop an understanding of computer science principles, computational thinking, and analytical skills. Discussions and project-based activities encompass safe Internet behavior, STEM careers, and real-world computer science vocabulary.

Graphic Design 108:

Introduction to Video Game Development

Educators excite student interest in computer science by leading discussions and projects based on real-world applications, ethical behavior, and careers within the gaming industry. Students use Godot to order and code interactions between provided assets to create playable video games.

Engineering 117:

Introduction to Python with raspberry pi

In this project-based course, educators introduce students to coding with Python. Students develop fundamental computational thinking skills using basic computer science principles (like loops, functions, and conditional statements), data manipulation, and computer hardware.


Why Codelicious?

“We keep coming back because of the integration piece, the problem solving, all of those things wrapped in a nice package that we can deliver to our students. It’s really a no-brainer for us.”

— Erin Naylor, STEM Specialist / Read Full Case Study

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As a provider of computer science curriculum, Codelicious knows that confidence comes in many forms. We license curriculum taught in the classroom, but confidence can be built both inside and outside of school. Our curriculum helps students build confidence with technology, and our Confidence Builders Series creates experiences for students to display their confidence in achieving both personal and professional goals.