Free Teacher Resources


Free Coding Lesson

This free lesson plan includes all the resources you will need to successfully teach it - no matter your experience with computer coding.


Free Digital Citizenship Lesson

In this 15-minute digital citizenship lesson, you will help your students think through password usage and safety.


You Can Teach Computer Science. Yes, You!

Mr. Yust had no experience teaching computer science, but using the comprehensive Codelicious Curriculum, he built confidence with the subject matter and saw incredible growth in his students.

Learn more about Mr. Yust’s experiences with:

  • Teaching computer science with zero experience

  • Curriculum customized for this 3rd grade class

  • Tracking student growth from the beginning to the end of the course


Engaging Students of All Learning Styles

MSD Pike Township’s ESL teacher, Mr. Reyes, used the Codelicious Curriculum to engage all of his students and appeal to each of their individual learning styles.

Learn more about Pike district’s experiences with:

  • Lessons built for every student’s learning style

  • Teaching computer science without a dedicated STEM teacher

  • Tracking student growth from the beginning to the end of the course


The Art of Cross Curricular Integration

Learn how to incorporate technology in your classroom core subjects using your computer science program.


Engaged vs. Static Learning in K - 8 Computer Science

When choosing a theory to implement computer science curriculum, you must consider how you hope to engage students and prepare them for a potential career in technology. Learn more about two common theories in this webinar.


Three Ways to Integrate Digital Citizenship into Any Classroom

The digital world presents new opportunities and challenges for students. In this webinar, we will discuss three specific ways to bring digital citizenship conversations into the classroom.


4 Elements of a Project-Based Curriculum 

In this webinar, we discuss the 4 key elements of a project-based computer science curriculum and how you can use them in your school or district.


Programming 101: Training Video

We offer training videos with each of our courses that prepare any educator to teach computer science. Check out an example below.


Codelicious Confidence Builders

Codelicious Confidence Builders provides students with experiences that give context for the technology around them and highlights the value of confidence in achieving both personal and professional goals. Learn more about our past opportunities and see how you can encourage your students to apply for future events.