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Coding Curriculum Pathway

Because we can easily customize our curriculum for your school, we can quickly add classes and provide more advanced courses. Our Coding Pathway suggests one possible combination of coding-focused courses that are grade-appropriate and fun.


CSTA Computer Science Mapping

With the adoption of new computer science legislation in many states, our curriculum makes it easy to meet all adopted state standards. That way, teachers don't have to search for one-off projects or lessons to meet specific standards. See how we illustrate standards mapping.


Creating Connection

Erin Naylor, the K - 12 STEM Specialist at MSD Pike Township, needed a partner who would help her connect her district’s students with STEM curriculum. This search led to a partnership with Codelicious lasting over three years. Read more about her perspective here.

Learn more about Ms. Naylor’s experiences with:

  • Implementing Codelicious curriculum in her district

  • Choosing educators to teach the courses

  • Adding more advanced options to her district’s offering


Break Out of the Ordinary

With our curriculum, you can provide fun courses that engage every learning style. See what students thought of the activities in our Video Game Development course.

In their own words, students from the class discuss:

  • The types of projects in Introduction to Video Game Development

  • Their takeaways from the course

  • Outcomes that furthered their understanding of computer science


Debug That Code!

By adding computer science curriculum to your school’s STEM offering, you will open up a whole new world of learning by giving students opportunities to problem-solve. See how students built these skills in our Video Game Development course.

In their own words, students from the class discuss:

  • The types of challenges they encountered during projects

  • How they were encouraged to solve these problems

  • If they would recommend the course to a friend


Engaged vs. Static Learning eBook

Our eBook discusses the pros and cons of both engaged and static learning theories in relation to computer science. It also discusses a case study from an educator that implemented an engaging computer science curriculum with Codelicious.


Curriculum Checklist

Our checklist will help your school consider key elements of building a sustainable, thriving computer science program.


Programming 101: Training Video

We offer training videos with each of our courses that prepare any educator to teach computer science. Check out an example below.


Codelicious Confidence Builders

Codelicious Confidence Builders provides students with experiences that give context for the technology all around them and highlights the value of confidence in achieving both personal and professional goals. Learn more about our past opportunities and see how you can encourage your students to apply for future events.