Case Studies

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You can teach computer science, yes you!

Mr. Yust did not think he could teach computer science. He worried that his background in social studies, math, and science would not translate to a third grade coding class. Using the comprehensive Codelicious Curriculum, however, Mr. Yust built confidence with the subject matter and saw incredible growth in his students.

Learn more about Mr. Yust’s experiences with:

  • Teaching Computer Science with zero experience

  • Curriculum customized for his 3rd Grade Class

  • Lessons that engaged the students' individual learning styles

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Engaging students of all learning styles

MSD Pike Township wanted a way to bring computer science to their middle school students. They needed curriculum that appealed to beginners and could be taught without a dedicated computer science staff.

Their ESL teacher, Mr. Reyes, used the Codelicious Curriculum to:

  • Enable students to average an 84% on their post assessment

  • Teach a computer science course without a dedicated computer science teacher

  • Create excitement in his classroom, even among students who typically struggle in school


Creating Connection

Erin Naylor, the K - 12 STEM Specialist at MSD Pike Township, needed a partner who would help her connect her district’s students with STEM curriculum. This search led to a partnership with Codelicious lasting over three years! Read more about her perspective here.

Learn more about Ms. Naylor’s experiences with:

  • Implementing Codelicious curriculum in her district

  • Choosing educators to teach the courses

  • Adding more advanced options to her district’s offering


Break Out of the Ordinary

Kids are used to the fast pace of technology, so traditional curriculum can feel slow, “boring” and disengaging. With our curriculum, you can provide fun courses that engage every learning style. See what students thought of our activities in our Video Game Development course.

In their own words, students from the class discuss:

  • The types of projects in Introduction to Video Game Development

  • Their takeaways from the course

  • Outcomes that furthered their understanding of computer science


Debug That Code!

Today, technology is everywhere. It can be a mystery to our students, and they will undoubtedly run into challenges. By adding computer science curriculum to your school’s STEM offering, you will open up a whole new world of learning by giving students opportunities to problem-solve. See how students built these skills in our Video Game Development course!

In their own words, students from the class discuss:

  • The types of challenges they encountered during projects

  • How they were encouraged to solve these problems

  • If they would recommend the course to a friend